Natashia - I really enjoyed having [Rebekah] as part of my birth and postpartum...[she] sincerely helped me in my birth and provided emotional and physical support I needed!

Kimberly - Anyone would benefit from her presence at their birth. My birth didn't go as planned, but with her support I was able to maintain a positive spirit. She has a wonderful, calming happiness that is infectious.

Malinda - She supported my every decision...gave me needed and wise suggestions...stayed with me through the night hours and helped me with every contraction and every worry...offered ideas to help me focus and have an easier birth. I was able to have a natural birth, as I wanted, because she was there helping support me with my family.

Emily - She provided really spectacular support for me while I labored. She was very intuitive about my needs when I had contractions and when I rested in between them. I highly recommend her, she is very skilled and extremely compassionate and caring... I couldn’t have asked for a better doula at my birth.
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